UTG PA: 2021 Summary

The year is almost over, and we would like to share some results. In April 2021, UTG PA company became the operator of FBO Domodedovo.

Since then, we have managed to:

• Create a full-cycle Business Aviation Center, by launching flight and visa support, and aircraft customs clearance
• To renovate the FBO apron (in cooperation with DME - Московский аэропорт Домодедово)
• Completely transform the interior of the Terminal's ground floor, making it much more modern
• Provide facilities for the establishment of a Pilatus maintenance station in partnership with Skypro and Nesterov Aviation
• Improve the hospitality and skills of our staff in cooperation with the Jet Service Company
• Make a user-friendly website www.utgpa.com - you can order a premium service for regular flights in a couple of minutes!
• Provide luxury services for almost ten thousand passengers (from April to December)
• Operate more than 900 business aviation flights
• Make business aviation in Moscow open and affordable

We are working 24/7, and in 2022, our FBO will become even better. Come and fly to UTG PA and see for yourself!


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